Tyring Chenn

King of Thal, known as Tyring the Peaceful.


Tall, dark blonde, handsome and charming. Outwardly he presents a very traditional image of a river kingdoms king, and can usually be seen wearing extensive ceremonial outfits.

His colors, and thus those of House Chenn itself, are yellow and deep blue.

His symbol is a falcon diving with talons outstretched, and surmounted with an arc of blue representing the reach of heaven blessing his actions.


Primarily known as Peaceful mostly because nothing significantly bad has happened for the 25 years he has reigned so far.

The steadily growing prosperity of the kingdom and the reasonably solid diplomatic links with Great Forks, Sijan, and some of the less mercurial of the hundred kingdoms suggest that he is a wise and skillful ruler, though his detractors point out that he has yet to be significantly tested by anything more than a few minor wyld barbarians or outbreaks of disgruntled banditry.

Tyring Chenn

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