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  • Elder Zelman

    Rather irascible and short tempered old fellow, but usually has sound advice. Doesn't tend to get along with [[Elder Jen Siao]].

  • Elder Jen Siao

    Tends to be more live and let live than [[Elder Zelman]], certainly less of a stickler for tradition, but also a little more selfish in some cases.

  • Franna Blueriver

    Took her own life somewhere between the departure of the original circle and the commencement of the second circle, under circumstances most unpleasant. Demonic influence has been speculated about and in many people's minds effectively proven. Don't …

  • Min Raolan

    Niece of Jen Siao, hired to provide additional assistance now that the village elders are having to do so much additional admin work given all the troubles afflicting Larh.

  • Terrick Yann

    Son of Skymane Yann, the tanner. His sister was apparently friends with Jiao "when they were younger". He's been seen in the teahouse a lot.

  • Neema Zelman

    Daughter of Elder Zelman, the more numeric of the village elders. Holds her position primarily through merit, though may have gained it initially through some favour. So far, nobody particularly complains, as she's good at her job and this is typical …

  • Selamon Daxx

    Functions as subcaptain under Neema, and oversees much of the same remit. Tends to be deeply involved in the running of the guard. It has been said that Selamon is out for promotion, but he has honor, and respect for Neema's ability thus far. …

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