The village of Larh is a small but prosperous mining settlement in the Kingdom of Thal. Its growing importance has led to a steady increase in population, and it may grow to a town of over a thousand souls over the next few years. For now it is just barely small enough that everyone still knows of everyone else, with a population exceeding 300 as of the last census.

It was originally founded on a rich copper vein, but has since discovered a small deposit of iron ore, and though the copper output is steadily dwindling of late, a small source of tin very recently found in hills slightly further away suggest that its prosperity is set to last for at least the next dozen years or so. Indeed, while the tin mine has yet to be properly exploited, a few exploratory shafts have already brought back enough ore that the village elders are considering producing their own bronze works.

Currently it produces approximately three times as much copper as it does iron, and is one of the more significant contributors of both metal ores to the overall Thalian economy. Its placement near the edge of the kingdom’s borders and growing economic importance have led to several unusually extravagant defensive investments, foremost of which are ritually enchanted palisade walls around the village. Thus treated, the wooden logs have the structural resilience of tempered steel poles, but cannot be moved from their placement without undermining the ritual.

It is unusual in a village of its size for having not one blacksmith, which would be luxurious for a village this size, not two blacksmiths, which would be unusual, but three, which is unheard of. There are rumors of significant competition between them, but it is known to all that the access to good quality ore direct from the source is the main reason for this outlier, and as a result Larh is also one of the most prominent sources of metalworking in the local area, second only to Pyrrun itself.

Larh is surrounded by several farms but it is not an agricultural village, and these alone are not sufficient to feed its population. Instead, Larh maintains a fairly sizable contingent of hunters and stocks up on game throughout the summer months. In seasons where the hunting goes poorly, Larh barters with a nearby agricultural village ( Farlen ) to exchange crafts for food, or pays a slightly higher price in coin to import food from Pyrrun.

Places in Larh:

  • The Fat Mospid – Village tavern, full of dark booths and gloomy places to sit and drink. Very popular amongst those who don’t want to talk, don’t want to be talked to, aren’t looking for fancy food or drink, and just want to drown their sorrows. Dark stained wood, not enough windows, the smell of hops and rice wine.
  • The Argent and Azure – Tearoom, owned by Jiao’s aunt. Easily the best eating or drinking place in town, but does not offer rooms. Full service, good supply, expensive prices, but many people still pay them. Recently struggling due to lack of staff, since Jiao was half of the wait staff.


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