Exalted third edition + house rules.

Near the small village of Larh a tomb lies long forgotten, buried deep in one of the nearby hills. The villagers know it is there, somewhere, but they do not care to remember exactly where for there have been legends of a curse lingering there for as far back as anyone can remember.

Sadly, none of that seems to have dissuaded a recent group of scavengers and adventurers who claimed they were going to unearth the hidden treasures within. Now there is an ill omen, a beam of light that glitters in the night and shines into the sky at dawn and dusk. It must be investigated and any angry spirits propitiated so that no further harm comes of this… if that is still possible, now that the seals have been broken.

We will be playing solars, and using BlueWinds' first solar charm rework. Characters will initially begin as mortal but exalt due to in-world plot events in the first story.

You will be impelled to remain in the vicinity at least for the foreseeable future due to plot events, and incentivised to defend a fixed location through whatever means you deem necessary. The general game style will be primarily sandbox, with some threats of various sorts arriving every now and then and testing your resolve and preparations. Exploration of the mostly uncharted wilds in the areas nearby will probably also be a good idea, for resources, experience, and knowledge. On a wider scale, the game is located in the scavenger lands somewhere between sijan and great forks, close to the western border of the hundred kingdoms region, and thusly on the east of what used to be called the river kingdoms. It is more stable and part of a larger political entity than the tiny endlessly feuding principalities of the hundred kingdoms, but less important than any of the larger city states or satrapies to the west.

Keepers of the Suncrypt

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